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tv   [untitled]    May 29, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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[ speaking in a foreign language ] >> the parents and students cannot take those changes suddenly. and also the teachers are not teaching the students with their heart. and the students have no interest in studying. so, and even the parents cannot go to work peacefully. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> we have really concerned that for the safety of the kids. however this year there will be 7 staff leaving also. [ speaking in a foreign language ] i would like to ask it would be any similar situation in other schools? >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> we believe that it is all because the principal so that
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all of the experienced teachers are leaving. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> hello everyone my name is vivian... (inaudible) and today i am speaking for one of my friends who is a parent of valley elementary school. >> i am speaking out for her because her kid was maltreated by the principal at vvs.
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>> in early september, that 2012, that is monday, and the students, what is the students' name? >> ivin luey and so he does not want to go to school. however, as a (inaudible) a male teacher was with him. >> however, when the principals saw the students and the student was at the playground
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and so she requested the students will go back to the classroom but the student does not want to go. >> >> the students was pulled by the principal to... sorry. >> (inaudible) [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> the principal pulled the student into the classroom but the student fight back to the principal. and pushed her off. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> without notifying the parent the principal called the police. >> two policeman arrive at a
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school. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> later she called... the timer went off. >> the next speaker please. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> good evening, yeah. superintendent. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> my name is king and i am the parent of (inaudible) valley. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> there is no pta meeting for this semester. [ speaking in a foreign language ]
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>> and also there is no president for the pta meeting that is why all of the activity has been canceled. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> the students are not going to learn and also the students are not going to come to the school. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and there is no communication between the school and the parents. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and also the principal is always yell at the students during their lunch. >> and now, they meet the students and they lose the ap taout and become the (inaudible)
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[ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and also we don't have the president for it and we also do have a president for the fsc. >> and they cannot give to the school. we want to write a letter on behalf of it so we can get it from the school district. that is why our parents and we organized the meeting tonight, to come to this important meeting so that we can have our voice are heard. [ speaking in a foreign
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language ] >> i am the parent of (inaudible) valley, and my name is (inaudible). [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> >> on the may 20, monday night there is some staff from the school district come to our school. and hear what our issue is. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> but what the answer is it seems like you are not taking very serious about what is going on in our school.
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[ speaking in a foreign language ] >> all of that issue and you care about is all of those little things like a rest room is not clean and also but about the big issue is that the student have to call the police. >> i just want to know why the school district seems to not care about what our issue is and also it seems like our voice is not heard. and (inaudible) what is going on between our parents.
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(inaudible) [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and i feel like that you don't take serious about what happened in our schools. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> so that is why the other day all of our parent leaves and we feel very disappointed. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and very disappointed because it seems like nobody really care about our problems. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i just want to know that is it because of the (inaudible) valley is a low income school and so that is why you don't really take serious about our problem? >> set to wrap up, thank you. >> hello,... >> i just want to say two words. >> yeah. >> [ speaking in a foreign
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language ] >> since that time we cannot tell you that many... [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> okay, so i really want the board can take serious about the problem in our school and i will let you know that after this summer our parents will come again. thank you. >> so i was asking the superintendent, just superintendent chiu is not here this evening, as you know, is there a person on staff that might be able to talk with the
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parents? >> thank you, president norton, i want to reassure the vis valley elementary school community that we take their concerns very, very seriously. i am going to ask if the parents would go to room 601, and meet with our associate superintendent kevin truit who will meet and take your concerns and then report back to us to superintendent chiu. okay? 601 in thank you mr. truit. >> thank you. >> >> we are going to move on to item kadvisory committee report and appointments to the advisory committees. superintendent carranza?
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>> the delac report. >> thank you, president norton at this point i would like to ask lucielle (inaudible) to come forward for the presentation from the multilingual pathways department for the delac report to the board. >> >> good evening, superintendent, richard carranza, board members and president. i have the honor of serving with the district english learner advisory committee. and the members will take the time to share their recommendations on their annual report. and i just want to read off the names of our delac board members who are here with us tonight. we have maria (inaudible) our
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president. we have juan (inaudible). we have carla (inaudible). (inaudible) jackson. we have (inaudible), and we have (inaudible). okay. >> and my superintendent, michelle (inaudible) and myself. have this honor of working with them. so i am going to turn it over to maria. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> good evening, my name is maria and i have a child in
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(inaudible). [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> we are the advisory committee for the school district. >> and we would like to thank the board of education and superintendent carranza. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> the district staff, and the dedicated parents of english learners for the advancement toward improving the quality of education. [ speaking in a foreign
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language ] >> we as a committee have been working really hard to safety the needs of the english language learners. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> but before that we want to talk about a little bit about the achievements that we have made this year. >> first of all the superintendent carranza has been with us in two occasions
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and has... >> has listened to our needs and the needs of the parents with english language learners. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> we have also increased the collaboration with different organizations like the department of translation. among other organizations. [ speaking in a foreign language ]
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>> from the 41 schools that the district has... we have had 12, we have had 12 meetings, 7 were board meetings and five were general meetings. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> these have provided and have provided us with information that we take to the delac committees and... [ speaking in a foreign
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language ] >> the parents have been formed the delac. that these warrants or policies have been very useful for our families and for to provide services for our students. [ speaking in a foreign language ]
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>> some of the services that we have had in. delac and i am going to pass it over to juan who is going to talk about the recommendations. >> hello, good evening. and [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i have two kids, one is the middle school and one is... one... [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and the high schooler balboa and middle schooler is (inaudible). [ speaking in a foreign language ]
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>> my son to the middle school and i already reflect on my idea to the school and tell them because we are the new immigrants and that is why my kids his homework is behind. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> my son moved to a higher grade because all of the homework is difficult and it is hard for us to help him because we are new immigrants.
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okay, when my son is at the (inaudible) and we talked to the school and asked for some help from the school but the school cannot offer any help for my son. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> now he is in the high school and i am aware and i realize that even in the high school the service is less than before. >> i talked to the school, but however, they told me that because of the budget, so that is why the school cannot offer too much help or cannot like after school tutoring to my son.
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[ speaking in a foreign language ] >> also the other issue that i want to bring up is that because my son is going to be a teenager... [ speaking in a foreign language ] and (inaudible) worried about that because on the academic and also it is very difficult for him and i cannot help my son. but... [ speaking in a foreign language ]
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>> i realize that the summer is long for the kids and if they have too much idle time and also at the same time the schools cannot offer anything like a summer school tutoring and i think that this is no good for my son and because in that case, my son he may just addicted to the video games. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> what i want is especially, i mean, for my son, he is going into the teenager and it is like a transition period. and so i really hope that the board and also the school can give a more funding to high
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son's school so my son can get more help and get like a tutoring yes. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> also we volunteer program for my son during the summer and i know that they only picked 50 candidates out of... [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> out of the 300 applicants and i know that the chance to get the work is very slim and so i wish that the school, the
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school district and can offer more funding so everybody can have a chance to do the volunteer work and join the program. >> so i wish everybody a equal chance to get all of this resource. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening, my name is carla and i am the parent of two el children in daniel webster and one of the recommendations that the delac has as far as it that ve have gotten from the school district was a budget transparency, it is not clear to most el familis about how the money is being spent, there is some kind of understanding throughout the school district that try a one and neia is meant for the els and however when they go to the ffc or make a recommendation, we have some of the feedback
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that we have gotten at the school levels they will make a recommendation and some will have a representative at the ssc to approve a budget and then the principal will turn around and say that is not the way that i will spend the money and not the way that i am going to spend the money and so our els are being disregarded and our el parents are being completely disregarded in many of the schools at this level and then, at that point, what happens is they decided to just not participate because they are not being, they don't have the support at their particular schools, they come to the delac meetings at the boards to complaint and then we try to help them as best as we can but obviously the principal is not willing to cooperate and we can't get very far with that. >> so the further the other problem is that the budgeting, we have the school site and
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council summit where i myself attended and i was taught about title one and ie and the different what those funds are supposed to be, and according to the wsf what are those or how are those funds supposed to be spent. however if you look at attachment two, all of a sudden we have tier 3, 2, and you know it is just, you know it is not very clear as to how the money being spent on every school. and another problem that we have found among the elac is that sometimes iea or title one money will go to cover a position and will cover 50 percent or maybe even 80 percent let's say for a para professional and then 20 percent is covered by the pta at that school, however that professional is being jumped around through the different class and there is no checks and balances as to hows that this money been allocated and
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mostly the time spent to the els that this is money that supposed to be supplemental not to cover, we are hearing that they are covering paper, basic materials, books dictionaries those are basic things that the schools should provide and not be coming out of the eia money or the title one money and so that is a lot of the feedback that we have been getting. also we would like the delac would also like to see a more transparent budgeting at the school wide level obviously a lot of the chunk of the money comes from the state and the federal funding, however here in san francisco, we also have the tax initiative and i am also a taxpayer and i see it
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when i pay my taxes to me that is extra money, the government proposal is also coming up and we would like to see how that is going to be dispersed and there is all of the development going on in mission bay. and is that also you know from what we have heard there is also some money coming from that, that the developers are paying into the school district. are the els going to have access to some that have money? obviously bay view, but that kind of area of the city, south of market and bay view and hill do serve a good chunk of els and low income families. so budgeting, not only each school and after each school level, the checks and balances is one of the main things that we want to see and the second main thing is the transparency and also the extra money coming in from these source and how is that also being helped being
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provided for the els. yes, and that is it for my part. >> maria. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] the recommendation that we want to make is in regards to (inaudible) [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> the quality that the substitutes brings to the after school program and the regular school day. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> we